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2017-2018 Staff

Katie Barnum


I'm a junior and I love to read!

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Ronan Sakal


I'm a pretty chill dude, but I get kind of annoyed when people that aren't as good as me try to approach me. I'm the real deal, you won't find a better source of opinionated news anywhere else.

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Kylee Beetch


Hi, I'm a senior this year at Prairie Grove High School. I love animals and all races!!!! Also, Canes is way better than Slim's (:.

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J.T. Colbert


"Time to nut up or shut up!" Tallahassee Zombie Land favorite movie.

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Sarah Jarvis


Hello i'm a senior this year. I write about animals and I love every male teacher at this school

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Cole Tice


I go to Prairie Grove. Goodnight.

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Ethan Scates


I'm a junior at PGHS and I play football.

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Leah Blanchard


I'm a junior and I wheeze when I laugh

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Samantha Dugas


I just really like dogs, y'know?

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Amanda Guthrie


I am a sophomore in High school and a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I love animals and writing/reading.

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Kaitlyn Shepard


Hi! I am a sophomore. I am on the golf team and I dance.

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Mary Storlie


I'm a junior and I run cross country.

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Larisha Crawford


Hey guys, it's Larisha. I'm a Junior at PGHS and I play basketball. Woo.

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Grace Elisabeth Gauldin


I love pandas and Mrs. Huffmaster. I'm a Junior.

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Emily Smith


Hi! I'm a senior at PGHS and I play tennis and soccer.

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Madi Vinson


My name is Madi Vinson, I am a senior at Prairie Grove High School, and I love pineapples.

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