Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines; the main character in Gravity Falls. He was an animated twelve-year-old boy with a twin sister and a determination to solve mysteries. The storyline of the animated series Gravity Falls starts with Dipper and Mabel (his twin sister) shipped off to spend the summer with their Grunkle (great uncle) Stan. 


They moved from Piedmont California to Gravity Falls Oregon; they travel by bus which would have taken somewhere around ten hours. First of all, a bus that travels directly from California to Oregon which isn’t even possible. For any normal person that would be extremely daunting but it is never mentioned if the journey ever bothered Dipper. The journey itself is only mentioned once or twice and it never seemed to bother the twins. During Dipper’s first couple of days in Gravity Falls, he and his sister discover that (magic?) is real and face a gigantic gnome monster. Any real person would be severely traumatized and would most likely need some sort of therapy, but that is only the beginning of Dipper and Mabel’s adventures.


Throughout the Gravity Falls series, Dipper is confronted with tons of fantastical experiences and is often left questioning his sense of self and has been confronted with the fact that the only person he can really trust is his sister Mabel. No matter what happens he seems to bounce back and be unaffected. Again if he were a real person he would need therapy. 


During the end of the Gravity Falls series Dipper is blasted into an apocalypse with the rest of Gravity Falls. The person who caused it? His twin sister Mabel. The one person he trusted betrayed him. Of course, it was an accident. When he found out that Mabel had been a part of starting the “apocalypse” he forgave her immediately. If he were a real person he would have been a little more affected by being sort of betrayed by his sister. They had been through an apocalypse but he could’ve forgiven her and still been upset about the fact she had done that.


As well as starting the apocalypse Mabel often kept him from doing many things he wanted to do. One of her character flaws was her selfishness and Dipper’s was his willingness to forgive. Dipper was offered one of his biggest dreams and Mabel was upset that he would be leaving her leading her to run into the woods and accidentally start the apocalypse. Another example of Dipper choosing Mabel’s wants over his own is when he lets her use one of his most prized possessions in a play she created. During the play, his prized possession almost gets stolen and he gets possessed because he put Mabel’s wants before his own. In conclusion, Dipper needs therapy and Mabel needs a hobby.