How Christanity is favored in school and how it affects children

In the United States, 65% of the population practices Christianity in some form wither than be catholic, Mormon, ect…  Christianity is as well heavily forced upon children in school which can have many negative effects on them as they grow older. 

It’s not the fact of teacher religion itself, it’s the fact of whose religion. Growing up in a public school during the holidays we always did christian related activities, from making angel ornaments to coloring photos of Jesus. I always remembered doing in class celebrations for Christmas and Easter but never anything about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. In primary school there was never a true diversity of other cultures or traditions. 

Withholding these experiences of learning can not only block all the outlooks and perspectives a child could have developed, it also affects the children that don’t live in a christian or religious household. It can give a feeling of unbelonging and confusion of what religious path is “correct” for societal norms. Some other negative impacts this can cause are a tunnel vision in the cultural world around them which in a long effect can get them stuck in a “I’m right and only I am right head space.” This ultimately will cause the cycle to repeat itself as they force religion onto their own children as they were raised.

Another scenario is it can cause these now adults to use religion as a part of their personal political and work-place aspects. It can lead them to favor Christianity in situations such as hiring an employee, voting for a president of political role, etc… I’m not trying to say you can’t have a preference but it is a risky game in the work world and can lead to a lawsuit if you favor an employer on a biased opinion. 

Letting adolescent minds grow up with this mindset will create a threatening environment for everyone around them later on in the world. A recent study showed that 58% of children that had religion forced on them as children later grown on to raise their children in homophobic environments. It’s a bad cycle that can easily by opening cultural and religious borders to these molding minds.