Heights through History

 Humans are a diverse category of life. We have entire sun genres across the continents that look only vaguely alike. In fact we have ancestors that wouldn’t have been genetically compatible had they met. The point being made is as follows, we as humans are extremely diverse and are subject to change. Case and point- our growth rate changes throughout the recent decades.


    Let me start with some basic science. Way back when dinosaurs were the rulers of the earth, we had a lot more oxygen in our ozone, and a lot less carbon. This amount of oxygen allowed the organism to maintain a much larger size. Some scientists will argue that it is in fact the carbon dioxide that is an inhibitor but most educated people seem to think that oxygen holds more say in size. After whatever event caused the titan sized reptiles to die, more carbon was in the air, advising carbon dating, and thus only small creatures could survive. 


     That case would be wholly agreeable if humans were decreasing in size right now. But the exact opposite is happening. Although less oxygen is being produced into our atmosphere, humans are growing exponentially. 


   For example, the beds on the titanic would barely hold a 12 year old today. Adult Hominids found in South America are the size of preteens. The fact is that we the people are growing.


     Why is that? Well for one, women want a taller/buffer partner. Men usually seem to want a curvy woman so that upticks the weight category. Sexual preference aside, hormones in our food are allowing us to reach new heights. Being tall seems to be a dominant gene and with travel more common than centuries ago, it’s easier to spread those genes to small sun cultures where being short is the norm.


      I will say however, every nationality does have an average height. I am a mix of who knows what, and I am 5’8”. Four inches over the average height of a woman in America. If I were in China, I’d be a more than decent sized man.  


    That’s how diverse our species is. Sexual dimorphism is null when in the face of overseas genetics. If we were birds, my extreme size would classify me as a whole other species. Especially since my height is much more normal in my homeland.


    Back to my original point. Our growth rates are changing. No one has a concrete answer as to why but it’s my firm belief that a cocktail of hormones in our food, choosing the gene pool,  and being at the top of the proverbial pecking order is to blame for increased heights and sizes across the world.