18 and up

The world cannot decide when kids transcend into adulthood. The numbers are being constantly lowered and raised. No one can agree when our childhood is oi over. Science says that brain maturity is reached at roughly 26. Yet countries are arguing that adulthood is reached at 13. The United States says 18. 

       At 18 I get all the bad perks of being an adult. 18 year olds apply to the military, 18 year olds get tried as adults, 18 year olds get more pills and responsibilities, 18 year olds get the stick. That’s what I’m looking forward to. However, there are good parts as well, clubs and some substances are allowed to a degree, that passenger capacity in a car is raised, job opportunities start popping up, and you are finally warranted that adult respect. 18 can be as much a blessing as a curse.

        I am not saying that your 18ty birthday is an awful day, but I am saying what immediately follows it is nothing but fast paced hell. Had I been born a man I would need to have signed up for the draft. It’s unlikely that a draft will be utilized, but the fact that the military could have had my name written down as a reserved meat bag is definitely a scary one. The 18 that we are old enough to learn how to kill people and cripple economies and ruin environments yet young enough to be unable to drink a beer is insane to me. Not that either one is really high ranked on the list of my favorite activities. 

          Another thing that most 18 year olds must face, not even 18 year olds jus seniors: as I am an example of exception,  is the rushed year that we must decide our lives in. How are we supposed to deal with long term decision making when our first go around is about choosing the education that will lead to our intended job that will lead to our place of life. With already full plates of school and work, writing essays and wording documents to sound educated and proud but not  vain and prideful is simply stressful. 

       I am having to write on average 3 essays a week. All of them cover the same material but none of them can be used twice so to slight changes in the prompt. On top of that I work part time and am a full time student. If this year has taught me anything it’s that I am capable of working two jobs if the going ever gets tough

      My argument remains. We are far too underdeveloped and under prepared to be making such grand scale decisions. Most of my peers have not thought about their futures in a serious setting. They juggle differ professions and don’t consider the other aspects that come along with them. Like the pay of that job, where that job is available, where the education for that job is available, what prior scores and classes must have been taken in high school to obtain that knowledge, where that college education can be gained, how much that education will cost, and how will any of this happen. Luckily I’ve been on the same career path since freshman year but still. So much has to be known beforehand to even begin writing scholarships. The choosing of a secondary education is crucial. A decision I feel is waited till the last moment to be made an option to some. 

     18 year olds are dumb, immature and ill prepared for life. That is what everyone says. And they’re right to a degree. But is some of that naivety partially due to our parents and educators? Possibly. We are floundering for a role to cling to. Some grab onto college, some grab onto vocational school, and some simply sink. This all happens the moment that final high school bell rings. Unless you’ve been filling out scholarships since last March like me and others. Then you’ve been on a decent track and have a higher chance of have having the college experience that most would kill for. 

     All in all, we need to step up and educate our students earlier on possible path way they could take. Senior year cannot be as cram packed as it is.