Family Time

The past week has disrupted the daily life of the people of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and more. The south is Ill prepared for weather of this magnitude. However, many families tried to make positive of this dark time. There is a hitch though. Cabin fever.


       This is not a bashing of families spending time together. Families need time to bond. However, in some cases this week is very high stress and even life or death. That amount ot emotional stress can cripple a families dynamic. Placing all the decision making into the leader of the family can cause fissures in the core structure. Making children pick up responsibilities (no matter how necessary) can cause small blights of emotional upheaval. Kids do not know the magnitude of problems. Long term thinking isn’t developed until at least middle school. 


        In short, family time is needed but in situations like this current snowstorm, more problems can arise than good times.


        It’s common knowledge that family units function the same as a pack. There is usually a clear leader and a supporter and then the subordinates. However, over time this image will get skewed. The easiest example is a family with a violent parent.


     When the home environment has an over powered parent, either a lack of a supporter or a cowardly one, and powerless subordinates, the one in charge gains a power rush. The parent could become ‘all powerful’ l, narcissistic, or delusional. Think of the father in The Shining. 


     Another scenario could happen though. If the latest are both more submissive, then a child could advance on their lack of discipline and make challenges toward their parents. That could be verbal challenges or even in some cases physical ones. Simple examples are telling a parent to do a chore themselves or not giving up the TV, and more complex one could be an outright argument over a parents power position in a household.


     This is by no means me saying my personal home life has deteriorated into this hellish landscape. What I am saying however is that prolonged contact with a family brings out the worst in every member. One would think that Increased family time would strengthen bonds. It’s however not true in many cases. Siblings start fighting more often, adults have to deal with children all hours of the day, and the adults themselves must be cordial with each all day. 


    To sum it up, families cannot handle prolonged contact. Otherwise, the power dynamics will shift. Not all families will do this to an extreme but to some degree, someone will either gain too much power to lose power. It’s important for families in this time to keep a strict dynamic amongst themselves and not allow for any unneeded upsidings.