NBA Allstar Weekend

Last weekend the NBA hosted the 2021 allstar weekend in Atlanta and was very controversial. With Covid-19 still affecting the United States, many people had mixed opinions about hosting the historical event. The event was normal despite the pandemic, all normal activities went on including the skills challenge, three point contest, dunk contest, and the always entertaining Allstar game.


Despite hosting all of the events and trying to make it as normal as possible, players still were anxious about the event as if they caught the virus there it would directly impact their time as the Allstar game only allows the best of the best to participate. One of these players was the amazing LeBron James, voicing his opinion on instagram and twitter saying that the Allstar game was not important and would potentially put the NBA’s best players at risk of getting exposed and not playing. 


Even though LeBron decided to participate in the weekends events, he ended up being right. Just hours before the Allstar game the NBA received news that star Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid would not be attending the game due to coronavirus protocol after coming in contact with someone who tested positive at the event. This was more than likely inevitable due to the amount of people at the event, especially since most of the participants were from different parts of the country. Hopefully the protocol won’t affect either Simmons or Embiid too much and they will be able to resume their season without any issues.


Other than protocol and injury complications, the Allstar game was an overall success. It attracted attention back to the NBA and gave fans the opportunity to watch their favorite players play on the same team. The game itself was very fun to watch. Damian Lillard and Steph curry were launching threes from half court, LeBron showed off his never aging athleticism, everyone was reminded that Luka Doncic is a young and rising star, Zion Williams got his first all star appearance, and Giannis Antenkeumpo shot for an impressive 16/16 and won the MVP. But the best part was that all the players seemed to genuinely enjoy playing alongside one another, which is a big deal because that is usually not the case because players feel forced into the event.


Even Though many players, teams, coaches, and executives were skeptical about hosting the event, it was an overall success. It got ratings up and gave fans and players a sense of normalcy, something that sports hasn’t had since last year in March when sports and the world was shut down.