The Release of the Goat

Throughout the history of rap culture artists are constantly gained and lossed in many different ways. It has happened through gang violence, tragic shootings, and imprisoment. As more and more aritists are being killed or arrested because of crime it alows room for new and up and coming artists to get their shot in the spotlight. The music industry rarley gets many artists back from the system, but when it does happen it is immediately a big deal because it is so rare. 


On Febuary 23 rapper Bobby Shmurda was finally released from prison. The internet went wild with this news. Multiple celebrities showed love and support to Bobby and his camp, including multi-platinum artist Quavo who escorted the rapper from Clinton Correctional Facility in a private jet. Record labels are also jumping on the massive amount of attention and press that Bobby is getting as many have reached out expressing their interest in signing him since his previous contract was voided during his trial.


Although it is good news to hear that another artist is back in the industry it was sad to see his career halted in 2014. Bobby Shmurda went viral in 2014 with a few hits and a music video that broke the internet( currently sitting at 704 million views), a video that also helped the early stages of meme culture with the internet having fun with Bobby’s signature hat throw. So Bobby was doing very well in the early stages of his career and showed promise and was signed to record label Epic Records. This all quickly came to an end however. 


Shmurda, like many artists, had issues dealing with gang violence. He was a member and the face of a gang called GS9. If you have listened to any of his music or watched any of his videos or seen the people Bobby associates with then you would quickly understand why he was arrested. It was clear that Shmurda was not lying about his public persona and him showing that publicly is what ultimately led to his downfall. The authorities quickly caught wind of Shmurda’s popularity and began to do some investigating. Through multiple investigations and sting opperations they finally found evidence that Bobby and 14 other members in the GS9 gang were involved in drug trafficking and gang shootings.


They ended up charging Shmurda with reckeless endangerment, conspiracy, and gun possesion outside Quad Studios. This is where Shmurda’s story becomes interesting, another member of his crew who was likely more involved was initially sentenced to 10 years while Bobby was sentenced to 5. However Shmurda was offered a plea deal where if he plead gulity to 3rd degree consipracy charges then his friend would receive 7 years instead of 10. With Shmurda pleading guilty his friend who goes by the name of Rowdy Rebell was sentenced to 7 years in prison and Bobby was sentenced to 7 as well. 


That is the reason why the hype around Bobby is so big. He stuck to his morals of looking out for his friends and took an extra 2 years of imprisonment so that his lifelong friend could get out at thesame time as him, his loyalty is unmatched. With Bobby’s release the world is finally excited about music again, now we can only hope that Bobby will keep releasing music and will learn from his past mistakes.