Cam Newton Confrontation

Cam Newton who is an accomplished NFL quarterback with an MVP, a college national championship, and a 15-1 regular season NFL record, was hosting a camp for young highschool athletes who wanted to improve their skills in football and in leadership. It was a charity event that Newton chose to lead for free and his love of the youth. 


The camp was going great and was in transition to the next drill when a young highschool camper started to heckel Newton. If you watch football and are aware of Cam Newton and his football career then you should understand his current situation. Newton has had multiple injuries throughout his career that have affected his play and resulted in him being cut from the Carolina Panthers, a team that he had previously led to the superbowl. He then was picked up in free agency for a 1 year contract to the New England Patriots.


This is what caused the spat between Newton and the camper. He was heckling Cam about him being in free agency consistently yelling at him that hes broke and a free agent. Cam responded saying that he still rich as kind of a way to diffuse the situation peacefully joking along with the kid. Then it hit another level as the highschooler would keep coming at him and eventually led to Newton asking the kid where his father was. All of this was recorded and put on social media as well.


With the video going viral there where many reactions from different players and celebrities. People like Deon Sanders, Darius Slay, Leonard Fournette, and Lebron James spoke out on social media defending Cam saying that he deserves his respect. And they are right. Cam was not paid to do host that camp, he did it out of his love for the game. If you are a young highschooler attending a camp with an NFL MVP you should be there to learn and grow as a player and a leader as Cam Newton is one of the people that has accomplished everything that you would hope to accomplish as a football player and is someone to learn from. 


However that is not what the young camper was there for. He saw Cam’s appearance as a way to get media attention and look cool in front of his friends. He was joking initially, but when Cam responded he took his joke a step further and ended up being hated on social media by thousands. He later apologized admitting that he was in the wrong and understood that he took it all too far. Whether you believe his apology is genuine or not the camper at least attempted to accept responsibility. However it may be too late for him as millions of people have seen the video and many adore Cam Newton so he may be in jeopardy of scholarships or his football career. Maybe this will be an experience that will help him grow up quicker and learn to respect everyone.