Fort Worth Pile-Up

On Febuary 16th a tragedy happened in Fort Worth, Texas. Due to close to record low temperatures in Texas mixed with freezing rain and a lack of experience in the cold, a massive car pile-up occurred on interstate 35 west. The cause of the pile up was a driver on the interstate saw a large patch of ice on the road and attempted to slow down, that same driver was then rear-ended by the driver behind them and then a terrible chain reaction followed.


Due to the ice cars were attempting to avoid hitting the other cause by using their brakes which is very dangerous when dealing with ice in very low temperature conditions. As cars couldn’t gain traction and were sliding into each other no one was in control and the outcome was terrible.


It resulted in a 133 car pile-up including a semi truck which proved fatal. There were multiple victims in this incedent including 65 people recieving hospital treatment for injuries and at least 6 people were found dead. The crash occured at 9:37 a.m. and with the help of 80 police cars, 13 ambulances, and 26 fire department vehicles, most of the people involved in the pile-up had either gotten out of or been pulled out by 10:30 a.m.


There have since been multiple pictures and videos posted to social media. The video that is most shocking and gotten the most attention was of an 18 wheeler sliding across the frozen road and joining the pile-up. People across the nation were shocked and have been doing what they can to support the victims. The fire department also uploaded a picture of the crash to social media and issued a statement saying that they will have to search for people vehicle by vehicle to make sure that everyone in the crash is accounted for. They also released a statement saying that they informed the deaths of six people to their families.


The pile up in Fort Worth was a tragic one and is a sad event in the U.S. Even though everyone is getting the care they need and is being taken care of, sadly this is another reminder for people to not drive if they don’t have to. It is dangerous and unfortunately accidents like this could potentially happen anywhere. However, the accident should not cause people to be afraid to drive, its just a reminder to be more cautious and stay safe.


First and foremost prayers up to the families and victims of the crash as this was a terrible and unforeseen acident that could not have been avoided. However action is being taken in order to prevent accidents on this scale from happening again. Officals are launching an investigation into the design of the interstate. State Representative Ramon Romero Jr. tweeted about the incident saying that the investigation will be launched on a private company and that this could have been prevented asthe weather was foreseeable and that a company just didn’t do their job. Once again if you don’t have to drive then stay off the roads and be more cautious and safe when dealing with the weather conditions that are happening right now.