Superbowl 55

Coming into Super Bowl 55 the 14-2 Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the 11-5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With the Chiefs being the favorites to win the event the odds were stacked against the Bucs. In the end however, it was Tom Brady and the phenomenal defensive coaching by Todd Bowles that won the Bucs a Super Bowl and Brady his 7th ring.


The Chiefs had all the momentum going into the game. They had been dominating the AFC all year and had a young quarterback that had just landed a massive contract (with good reason) and had what seemed the most talent and potential out of any other athlete in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes was a superbowl winning quarterback, Super Bowl MVP, and regular season MVP. So why would you be against a young team who has so much talent and had proven themselves a dominant force in professional football? Well, the Chiefs may have had all the weapons, coaching, and determination to win back to back championships, but they lacked one very important thing, experience. This would not have been as big of a deal if they were not matched up against one of the most experienced veteran quarterbacks in the game who has been to multiple Super Bowls before, and that man is the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady.


Tom Brady has been through a lot in his professional career. His come-up story is an impressive one, being drafted in the 6th round the 199th pick to be exact, graduating from Michigan, and was eventually thrown in as a back-up after quarterback Drew Bledsoe suffered a near-fatal injury in the 2001 season. From the point on Brady never came out of a game. Never. He was declared a starter by the New England Patriots and from that point forward he went on to win 6 rings and with help from legendary coach Bill Belicheck to solidify the Patriots as one of the greatest franchises in NFL history.


Fast forward to last year and the years of turmoil between Brady and Belicheck had finally hit a boiling point. After a disappointing playoff run Brady was fed up with the patriots. He declared that he was not going to re-sign with New England and went on a mission to form a superbowl contending team. And that he did, the team was filled with stars and future stars, but Brady felt the team needed a few more pieces. The Bucs acquired retired tight end Rob Gronkowski, picked up star LSU running back Leonard Fournette, and the very controversial receiving star Antonio Brown, all who scored touchdowns in the Superbowl.


At his point in Brady’s career there is no argument that he is the GOAT. He has more rings than anyone has ever had, he also has more rings than any franchise, he is the most winning player of all time, he went to another franchise who had previously only had 1 ring and gave them another all on his own, he is 7-3 in the Superbowl, and the craziest fact is that he is not done yet.