Hurricane lota 

Hurricane lota hit Nicaragua and now there are sparks and a flash flood. With the wind speed being 155 mph. This is the thirty hurricane of the year. It has hit really bad where people are saying that this is “extremely dangerous.” And now the news articles and the new networks are saying this is the 5th hurricane in Nicaragua. 


With Hurricane lota hitting so bad in 2020 people don’t think that hurricanes are that bad because what everything that is going on in this time and world but people don’t understand that people are losing their lives,houses,families,friends and so much more this that bring then more value than money can buy again. 


This is a storm/hurricane is on category is on the level 4 for the landfalls. ANd that was on money now for the land fall rating it is now on level 5. With people helping others and with people losing everything this is almost the hardest and most dangerous hurricane/storm this year. WHen there has been 5 hurricanes and storms. 


Also with all the fighting and riot and with elcet and with all the debate with everyone wants to get 2020 to get over they arent looking at what is happening in the world just focus on the thing s they think that matter. But they dont know that there are others thing where people are losing there life and others valuable thenigs to them that they cant get again.


 But people only care about what is happening with there lifes but that is not what ever one should just think of. People only care if it is happening to them but which it is not right now so no one is helpuing and caring for them . So they dont feel like they have people caring for Nicaragua and the people there.


So this shows that it is getting worse day by day with the landslid going up and up day by day. And getting more dangerous day by day. So that was so things about Hurricane lota.