Joe Vs. Donald

With Joe and Donald arguing over this debate there are a lot of people not as happy as others. So there were riots, loitering and so much more that should not have happened . And so many people are getting badly ingrained. 


And no one is trying to keep their kids safe there are just believing that the others will keep them self when the only ones can keep them safe is them self and that is the only thing people don’t understand  is that they need to stop listen to someone that doesnt even want them to be save, WIth Donland he is trying to save everyone . 


But with Joe he is trying to make everything his own like telling everyone they have to have masks on at all times like that will help with the Covid viruses.And no one will listen about the masks no one listens to when it first happens . So they are just fighting back and forth . Where there is no peace. And then people will think it will be a war. 


With Joe ¨WINNING’’ Donald is wanting a recount of the votes so he can really know who is winning and right now. But there know is why for we to see who is going to win. 


So this shows that we will not know yet ,so everyone is wanting to know to who wil be our official President.