No more masks?

This last week Texas announced that they will no longer require masks in public places. They also are telling the whole state to open everything up, all the restaurants can now be full capacity as well. Texans are trying to get everything back to normal the best they can. Some other states like Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, and most recently Wyoming is working on lifting this mandate. But the thing most people are concerned about is that the decreasing covid numbers are going to increase again. 

A lot of the country is against lifting all the corona pre-cautions because they don’t want more deaths and more cases. This is understandable, but also around 93.7 million doses of vaccines have been given out in the United States and if this vaccine really works then I think opening everything back up and trying to make our country as normal as possible is a good idea. 

Some other people on the other hand don’t feel like it is a good idea at all to get rid of the mask mandate because we are just now getting a little better with the help of the vaccine. They are scared that with all these states removing the mask mandate the number of cases will increase again. More deaths will happen, more quarantines, and possibly another shutdown. Nobody wants any of this to happen again but they don’t believe it will. 

Another state that is possibly removing Covid precautions is Arkansas, our state! I think it’s exciting that we could soon be free of masks after a whole year of them. No masks at school or restaurants or anywhere we go we will no longer have to wear a mask! I think this could be a great thing for our country we have been trying to get back to normal for a long time but removing the mask mandate and allowing restaurants to be at full capacity, and other things, is a huge step forward for our country.

Since all these states are opening back up the rest of the country is observing, trying to see what happens without masks or any kids of precautions. And if after a couple of months everything is okay and going well with these states, then maybe the rest of the world will slowly open back up. And we will hopefully even be able to travel this upcoming year. 

Last year so many vacations got canceled and now with everything opening back up and everyone getting vaccinated, we will maybe be able to finally go on those trips and enjoy our summer and the rest of the year.

Overall I am very hopeful that Arkansas will get rid of the mask mandates and allow our state to slowly ease back into a normal time. And if cases go up a little bit I think it will be alright because everything has to get worse before it can get better.