The up-bringing of Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert. A name we all know. When I think of Miranda I imagine the diva country-pop star with the big smile and the heart of gold. She has won 2 Grammy awards, 29 country music awards, and more! She is an icon and what makes this southern bell even more iconic is how she came from nothing. Miranda had her struggles in her childhood but her talent and ambition brought her to where she is now. 

Miranda Leigh Lambert was born on November 10, 1983, in Longview Texas. Her parents are Beverly Hughes and Richard Lambert. She also has one younger brother named Luke Lambert. The Lambert family grew up in Texas for most of Miranda and Luke’s childhood. She grew up in a small town. Her family was very loving towards her and each other. 

The Lambert family also owned a private investigation business in their town, where their parents worked. They even assisted in Bill Clinton’s lawsuits. Her parents loved working at their business. Investigation in private matters was something they were both interested in, so they made a small business out of it. 

When Miranda was around 8-9 years old there was an oil tank mess up that affected a lot of the nearby towns and their economy. This crisis also ended up affecting many local businesses as well. This means Miranda’s parent’s business went through big struggles in business. And eventually, these struggles led to her parents having to close the business. And this left the family in huge debt to the government. They lost their house and everything they had and even went homeless for a little while. After a couple of weeks of the family being homeless, they moved in with Miranda’s uncle who didn’t live too far away. This didn’t stop Miranda though from her passion for singing.

Although, overall nothing was said that hinted that Miranda’s family weren’t good people or anything hugely traumatizing happened in her childhood. Miranda in an interview once told the radio hosts that every since her family went homeless she has learned the importance of hard work. She said since then she has never done anything lazily. 

When Miranda was sixteen years old she entered a talent show and performed one of her songs she has written and sang herself. She didn’t win, but over the next few months, she kept trying to get recognized. Miranda also began playing at local bars. In 2003 Miranda entered a televised talent show and she caught the attention of record company executives who signed her contract soon after. 

Miranda since then has released more than 8 albums and had many songs that got big. Like Mama’s Broken Heart, Tin Man, and most recently Bluebird. Miranda Lambert is one of the most popular country artists in today’s culture, and rightfully so. She worked hard for what she got and now she gets the reward and recognition for that work.