Brooklyn Nets Big 3

Star studded NBA basketball player James Harden and the Houston Rockets have shocked the world. Harden had been carrying Houston to the NBA playoffs for the past few years and got tired of it despite being offered the largest contract extension in NBA history. The MVP star has been averaging 30-40 points per game each year leaving no room to question his excellence, except for the fact that he has not earned a ring.


Harden has remained loyal to the Rockets for a number of years after being traded from the OKC Thunder early on in his career. In Houston Harden was loved and praised, he was the Rockets savior that put them in the playoff mix each year. Well finally he had enough of carrying the Rockets. Despite the team allowing him to miss practices, control the playbook and get to do whatever he wanted to do as long as he showed up and performed.


At first the Rockets were hesitant about trading the all star. They were struggling to find a team that could trade for him and offer the same value. But finally the Rockets struck a massive 4 way deal with teams in order to get rid of Harden. They ended uptradinghim away to the Brooklyn nets, making a new big three in the east with James Harden,Kyrie Irving, and one of the best players on the planet in Kevin Durant. The trade worked out for Harden as he gets reunited with his former teammate Kevin Durant, and finally gets to play with players that are on his level which is scary because Harden’s talent is limitless.


The trade also worked out well for the Rockets. They got multiple draft picks and a young superstar in the making with Victor Olodipo being paired with league veteran John Wall. They also have moved a massive threat from the west and have placed it in the east. The big 3 in the east have so much talent and potential that it could end up being one of the best teams we have seen since the Lebron, Wade, and Bosh big three that were in Miami.


However, every team has a weak spot. Despite the Nets having the potential to be one of the best offensive teams we have ever seen, their stats are not so impressive in the defensive category. There is also the question of how the team will be coached and how the playbook will work with this team. Harden has always been the number 1 scorer with the Rockets and has never had to play a secondary role in his career. The issue is that he will have to be the second guy, with Kevin Durant on your team you can’t afford to not feed him because he is one of the most offensively dominant players and is unguardable. You also have to remember that it’s not just Harden and Durant, Kyrie Irving is still in the mix. Another talented ball dominant guard, he will also have to find his new role and do what’s best for the team, not himself.


The Brooklyn Nets will be an obvious contender for the title for this year, that is if they can learn to work together and not play iso continuously. If they can each figure out their roles, stay aways from quarantine and injuries, and most importantly not let their egos get in the way, then they will most likely meet the Lakers in the playoffs.