Texas’s Temperatures

Last week we had a snowstorm unlike any we have had in years. Temperatures were in the low negatives, people were dying, and the whole south part of the United States was covered in a thick white blanket of snow. Schools had let out for an entire week and some even longer. It was a huge deal in these states because we don’t get snow like that very often.

A few of the states that were hit with this blizzard were Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and most importantly TEXAS. Texas is still suffering through the arctic storm. 

Last week in Texas the temperatures were below -10 degrees. The roads were packed with ice and solid snow, it was not a safe time. Well, Texas is a usually warm state they don’t get too many cold days, well this resulted in many homes not having a fireplace to warm their house when the power went out. 

This is such a historical event because something like this hasn’t happened in a long time, maybe even since the 2001 blizzard we had. Especially in a place like Texas that always has good, warm, sunny weather! I think all the states affected by the weather were taken off guard. We had of course heard weather reports that there was going to be some snow coming up but we got a lot more than expected. 

There are photographs taken by photographers proving just how harsh the storm was in Texas. They had no heating cause the power was out. The water froze in all the pipes so they didn’t have access to water. Almost no one has fireplaces so Texans had trouble keeping warm. And they had to gather snow from outside and melt it to have water to drink and bathe in. 

Many people died in this snowstorm as well, around 21 people dead. Which is awful. All of them died due to hypothermia. A young boy got in bed for the night and ended up freezing to death in his sleep. This proves that it has been a very hard week and a half for a lot of people in our country. 

Some people hope that the cold weather we had will help with the Covid cases. Since we all stayed indoors for a while and the virus needs heat to survive. We will see if the numbers decrease after we all get to leave the house.

But Monday morning in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, we all noticed an astonishing temperature difference automatically. It went from being 18 degrees outside to 55 degrees in a matter of two days. It feels like summer now! It is crazy how fast the weather switched upon us. 

Overall it has been a hard week or so for multiple states but now that the snowstorm is coming to a brief end we can hopefully all look forward to spring and the good weather and things there are to come!