Today’s Beauty Standards

Beauty standards are the standard look you have to achieve to be considered “beautiful” in society. And If you don’t fit the mold you aren’t beautiful to the public. With social media, we are constantly bombarded with photos of ideal beauty daily. It makes it hard to realize these rules are unrealistic.


The standard of beauty has varied over the centuries from the 1920s where women strived towards a curve-less look and blushed cheeks to the 1970s look, tanned skin, minimal makeup, and flowing hair. The beauty standards change around every decade. 


2020-21 beauty standards are a tiny waist, flat stomach, with extreme curves in the right places, full lips and eyebrows, perfect hair, and more. We, women, are expected to have perfect makeup every day, workout daily, and look young. 


The standards are pushed on us the most on social media platforms, largely Instagram. The majority of women just have to scroll on the app for a few minutes before they’re saddened by how they don’t look like all the models on their screen. Social media can be depressing sometimes because of this factor. 


Social media should be a place where all women can express their curves and their uniqueness, and sometimes it is. But other times it can be used to push a perfect image onto girls and women of how they should look. It makes them shameful of their appearance because they don’t look like the fake girls on their screen. 


Like I mentioned before, of course, they are women who embrace their differences and make a living out of it on social media but it is very few. Cause to some of society sadly people who are different and don’t fit a perfect mold are looked at as weird or not beautiful. 


I think embracing each other’s differences should be normalized in our society. Everyone should be able to embrace their appearance and feel confident in their skin without being judged or brought down by other people on social media. 


And beauty standards apply to everyone, men as well. There are standards for men as well that they feel they need to accomplish or they aren’t handsome. The male beauty standard in this age is broad shoulders, good posture, strong muscles, and a good jawline.


No human is exempted from these impossible standards of beauty but we as a society can change these rules and embrace everyone. And prove that everyone is beautiful in their way and there’s no one way to be beautiful.