Why aren’t relationships lasting anymore?

If most people asked their grandparents how long they have been married, the common answer will be around 30-50 years. If you ask nearly anyone in this generation how long their longest relationship is, likely, it won’t be more than 3 years. The average relationship now only lasts 2 years and 7 months. That’s sad and says a lot about this generation. But the question is why aren’t relationships lasting anymore?


Divorce used to be illegal until 1969. Now, this is a little far back but it could still apply to some grandparents. The court only would allow divorce if one person in the marriage had betrayed the other, meaning abandonment. You used to not be able to divorce even if you wanted to. This law kept many people together for a lifetime. So that was a reason some relationships lasted longer than now. 


Another reason relationships aren’t lasting anymore is because people aren’t willing to sacrifice a part of themselves for someone else, or make the compromises needed in a relationship. They are so focused on what they are getting from the relationship whether it be love, physical affection, or just someone to talk to. But they never take the time to give the other person in the relationship what they need. 


Many people are scared nowadays to get in a relationship because they have been hurt before in previous relationships. Around 80% of people have been in a toxic relationship in their lifetime. People don’t wanna jump into a relationship when they’re scared to get hurt. But whenever they do get in a relationship they have a hard time opening up and trusting the other partner, which can result in problems in the relationship. 


One of the biggest reasons relationships don’t last anymore is because of social media. Cheating was already a problem before social media, but now that social media is SO popular cheating rates have gone up drastically. Cheating is so easy with the use of social media, the whole world is at your fingertips. You can find nearly anyone on the internet and talk to them. It is also easy to hide cheating if it’s just an internet relationship. It makes cheating a lot easier for cheaters. 


Some relationships fail due to the partners having different priorities in life. One partner may be looking for a serious relationship to last a lifetime, get married, have kids, etc, while the other partner may just be looking for a temporary person to spend time with. 


There are some of the main reasons why relationships aren’t lasting anymore in this generation. I hope that some things change and people can start getting in relationships, when they’re ready, and take things serious with their partners.