Packers vs Rams NFC Divisional Round

The NFl divisional round was one to remember. Whether you tuned in to watch Aaron Rogers continue to have an MVP season or a battle of future Hall of Fame greats between Tom Brady and Drew Brees, there was football that could appeal to everyone. 


Leading up to the divisional round the Packers head coach Matt Leflur had a lot to prepare for. The Packers were coming into the game with a red hot offense led by Aaron Rogers who is having a MVP season, but they were also playing the Rams who had the number 1 defense in the league. With each team having to make heavy preparation for the other it was bound to be an incredible game.


The Packers set the tone early on in the game. Rogers once again came out firing, throwing for 296 yards with 2 throwing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown. He ran the offense flawlessly, making key reads and audibles at the last second, not turning the ball over, no risky plays, and he helped the offense accumulate 484 yards against the number 1 defense in the league. 


However, Jared Goff and the Rams did not just lay down and let the Packers steam roll them like many thought. Goff put up 174 yards and 1 touchdown against a very solid defense who had all the momentum. The Rams offense was actually moving pretty well throughout the game with 244 yards and put up a very decent 18 points. Their defense had struggles against the Packers offense in general but with an injured Aaron Donald it was not too bad of a performance. Star corner Jalen Ramsey did what he could but couldn’t match Devante Adam’s route running, speed, and most importantly his chemistry with Rogers.


The Rams did absolutely everything they could but the fact of the matter is that they were not good enough to match the surging Packer offense and could not get Goff the protection he needed. They couldn’t deal with the constant rotation of the 3 back backfield of the Packers, the arm of Rogers, and the cold environment that they were not accustomed to at Lambeau field. Which is what led to the final score of 32-18.