Heisman Finalists and Winner

On Tuesday, January 5th history in the sports world was made. The annual Heismen competition was in full swing as many college football experts and analysts speculated which of the 4 impressive finalists would take home the hardware.


The four finalists for the 2020 Heismen were quarterback Mac Jones for the Alabama Crimson Tide, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Florida Gators quarterback Kyle Trask, and last but certainly not least the Bama star receiver Devonta Smith.


All of the finalists were talented individuals who all certainly shined throughout the season, each of them putting up very impressive stats making this one of the most competitive finalist groups in recent memory. At the start of the season it was expected that Trevor Lawrence was the clear front runner for the award as he has proved year in and year out that he is one of the most dominant quarterbacks in college football. Lawrence came into the season with a chip on his shoulder after Clemson’s previous loss in the national championship game to an all time great LSU team led by one of the best college quarterbacks of all time, Joe Burrow. Despite that loss, Lawrence has clearly bounced back and was back to his old self this season throwing for 2,753 passing yards, 22 throwing touchdowns, 7 touchdown runs, and just 4 interceptions. What’s more impressive is that Lawrence did this all while missing 2 games due to covid.


Florida quarterback Kyle Trask had a very impressive season as well, throwing for 4,125 passing yards, 43 touchdown passes, 3 touchdown runs, and 5 interceptions. Trasks florida team was a different breed this year, with a decent defense and a stellar offense they were rolling through teams with the help of Trasks amazing week in and week out good performances aided by future nfl tight end and star Kyle Pitts. Despite Trasks numbers, the Gators suffered a blow out by Spencer Rattler and the Oklamhoma Sooners with the ending score being 55-20. This did not help Trasks case for winning the award whether it was his fault or not for the loss in the cotton bowl.


Alabama quarterback Mac Jones has stepped up this year and filled his role well with the Crimson Tide. He sat patiently and waited his turn behind both Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa, both are now star quarterbacks on the rise in the NFL. When he got his shot at the starting job he took it, throwing for 3,739 passing yards, 32 touchdown passes, 1 touchdown run, and 4 interceptions. Obviously Jones had some help, an always impressive Alabama offensive line, star running back Najee Harris, ( was one place off from being a finalist) a lockdown defense that could be relied on to get stops, but most importantly the very talented receiving core, more specifically the best receiver in College football-Davonta Smith.


Davonta Smith is a different breed of a receiver. He can beat you with speed, he can beat you with his vertical, he can easily create separation with crafty route running, and if none of that works he can beat you with his hands. Smith had 98 receptions for an impressive 1,511 yards, 17 touchdowns, and with very few drops. While the other heisman candidates have each had impressive seasons, they are not undefeated like the Tide are, Jones has been a large part of the Tides success but Smith has been an even bigger part. Smith made history when he was selected as the winner, a receiver who has not won the heisman since 1991, an impressive accomplishment for the young receiver. The Tide are headed to yet another national championship game where they will face off against a talented Ohio State team, if the Tide win and Smith has another fantastic game then it will solidify him even more as a heisman winner and as a top tier pick in the draft.