Is Capital Punishment acceptable?

The death penalty is the legal punishment given to people for treason, murder, drug trafficking, or attempted murder. The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, can be a lethal injection, hanging, electrocution, or the use of a gas chamber. The number of executions from capital punishment per year is decreasing. According to, the number of executions has decreased to around 23 executions in a year. 1999 hit a peak at 100 executions in one year. 


The debate on whether capital punishment is right has been huge in the last couple of years. Some people believe that it is what these death row inmates deserve. And some people are against it, they think it is unjust and inhumane. I am against capital punishment and here are some reasons why:


Sooner or later an innocent person on death row will be executed because of flaws in the justice system. Prosecutors and jurors can also make big mistakes and get the wrong person executed. And that is unacceptable that an innocent person being killed for crimes they didn’t commit is even an option. That is taking someone’s life away from them and they had no way of preventing it. There have been over 159 people released from death row because of error, since 1973. That just proves how many innocent people could be wrongfully awaiting death at this moment. 


It’s inhumane. Almost 3% of executions were “botched” Botching an execution can cause severe pain to the prisoner. It will put them in excruciating pain and not give them an easy death like they at least should be granted. I don’t think anyone deserves to die no matter what they’ve done. Especially as a religious person, the death of someone who isn’t a follower of Christ can be quite scary. Lethal injection has the highest error rate among the other forms of executions, but it is also the most used. When these injections get messed up they cause extreme pain to the prisoner and cause a prolonged, painful death. 


Although I do feel strongly against the murder of a prisoner, I also see how some people could be for Captial Punishment through empathy. You have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Like I would empathize with someone’s opinion on the death penalty if they have lost a loved one to murder, or something in that area because they have the right to be angry at that person who took away that loved one. 


If I put myself in that situation and imagine someone harming one of my family members I would be very upset and angry at that person but I think you have to realize that because they took that person’s life doesn’t mean that you need to take there and request for them to be sentenced the death penalty. Overall that’s my opinion on whether Capital punishment is just.