Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson

Popular Youtube vlogger Jake Paul was called out by retired NBA player Nate Robinson to fight around May. Robinson called him out a few months after Paul’s victory in the ring over AnEsonGib, who is also a youtuber. Paul’s camp agreed to take the fight about 2 months later after Robinson was in an interview with TMZ talking about wanting to fight the Youtube Star.


The fight gained a lot of hype over the months leading into it. People were enticed to watch because of how odd the match was. On one hand you have a professional athlete who wants to prove to the world that he is versatile and can compete at a high level in any sport.


On the other hand you have media influencer Jake Paul who had previously dedicated his time to his very popular youtube channel that has since changed his dedication to a boxing career. Paul has a 1-0 record (technically 2-0 as only 1 of his 2 fights was professional) going into his bout with Robinson.


Later news of the new Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr. fight made their hype go down. Executives later made the decision to bump the Paul-Robinson fight down to the undercard. Many people switched their interests to the 2 older boxing legends going head to head out of retirement, leaving the Paul-Robinson fight under the radar.


However, on the night of the fight the hype quickly came back as it was to be an exciting event. Millions of americans watched the fights on pay-per-view, while others waited for the highlights, and wow did they get a surprise. 


Jake Paul came prepared, conditioned, and ready for the fight. He has been training non-stop for 2 years and has been taking his new career seriously. Nate Robinson had no preparation, was not in boxing shape, had absolutely no experience, and it showed. Paul was confident, had the size advantage, and had the experience while Nate was relying on his athleticism to carry him to victory. 


In the end that plan did not work. Nate Robinson caught a massive punch from Paul that effectively ended him, knocking him out and was serious enough that medical attention was immediately required. This fight was entertaining and interesting to watch, but it also showed how boxing is unlike any other sport and it is not something that you can just step in the ring and do.