The affects of bullying on children

If you’ve gone to school you have more than likely been bullied or witnessed someone being bullied. One in five kids will be bullied in their lifetime, and the majority of this bullying occurs in a school setting. These children are called horrible names, insulted, were the subject of rumors, and then pushed, shoved, and spit on. Being bullied can cause trauma for these kids and make them feel unwelcomed in a place where they should feel safe. 


According to 160,000 kids per day skips school for fear of being bullied. This is a huge problem, these kids are missing school because they are scared and this affects their education. The more days they miss due to fear, results in low grades and missing assignments.


Schools should be a place where you can learn, make friends, and get to be yourself, but over the years bullying has been increasing in schools. Bullied kids feel unsafe at school, they feel threatened. The highest bullying rate occurs in children 6-12 years old. Many of the reasons students are bullying are due to disabilities, race, LGBTQ, and just overall being different then everyone else. It is heartbreaking that kids with disabilities are bullied over something they cannot control. 


The main results of bullying on a child are risk factors for depression, anxiety, increased feelings of anxiety, loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy, and decreased academic achievement. Because of the stress, these kids will also be sick more often and have regular headaches and stomachaches. 


The effects of bullying will last that person’s whole life. Adults who were bullied will usually be able to have empathy for kids who are also being bullied and see themselves in that child. Some adults who have been bullied have ended up being very successful in their speeches on childhood bullying. 


Now how do we stop childhood bullying? Well as a student/ bystander/or bullied person you need to report any bullying you see to a trusted adult. They will be able to help you and end the bullying. 


And as a parent, you should regularly remind your child of the need for kindness in school and inform them to report any bullying they see to a teacher.