Top 3 NBA Draft Lottery Picks

The 2020 NBA draft began at 8 p.m. on wednesday November 18th, but the hype for who will go number 1 began weeks before. The three teams with the top lottery picks were the Minnesota Timberwolves with the first pick, then the Golden State Warriors with the second pick, who were followed by the Charlotte Hornets with the third pick.


Talks of who was going number was speculated throughout the week, many analysts had the same three kids in their top three, with shooting guard Anthony Edwards, center James Wiseman, and last but certainly not least point guard LaMelo Ball. Edwards went number one, Wiseman went number 2, and Melo went number 3.


Georgia superstar Anthony Edwards has quite the stat line and athleticism to make him a top prospect in the NBA. Edwards stands at 6’5, weighing 225 pounds with a vertical of 42 inches. Edwards will shine in the NBA as an elite scorer who is carried by his rare and pure athleticism, a drive to the paint and get to the bucket type of player with unmatched explosiveness. He is a fantastic guard who will work well with the Timberwolves as they need another star athlete that can play defense alongside D’Angelo Russel and Karl-Anthony Towns.


Then steps in the ideal physical specimen of Jameis Wiseman. Standing at an impressive 7’1, a massive wingspan of 7’4, and weighing 251 pounds. Wiseman is a dominant force in the paint, a true rim protector who has the capability to block almost any shot. On the offensive end he can get to the rim with ease, a screen setter, and quite possibly his biggest strength is that he is the ultimate lob threat. He is an amazing fit with the Warriors as they have been needing a dominant big man to take the focus off Steph and Clay. He will have amazing veterans around to help guide and mentor him, especially playing alongside with DPOY Draymond Green.


Finally we have the most hyped up player of the year, possibly more so than Zion Williamson, LaMelo Ball. LaMelo has traveled all over the world to play basketball, most recently he joined the pro league in Australia and played 12 games with them showcasing his limitless potential. He is a point guard who is 6’8, an effortless scorer, and has an absurd amount of flair to his game, already oozing confidence. He will be an anomaly as a 6’8 point guard is not too common, who can use his length around any defender and can shoot lights out, he will be an all around amazing scorer who can also give passes that no one has ever seen. The only part of his game that made him move down to the third pick is his mentality. Melo has always been pampered and got his way in basketball. He gets shots and passes that no one else gets and has no threat of being pulled. That must change though as in the NBA very few are treated that way and LaMelo must develop in that way.