Who is Chris Watts?

Shannan Watts met Chris Watts in North Carolina, the couple dated for two years and then got married on November 3, 2012. In 2013 they decided to move to Colorado for a job opportunity, and in the winter of that year, they had their first child Bella. Chris began working for the company Anadarko Petroleum, as a field coordinator. In July of 2015, they had their second child, Cece.


Shannan at the time was working at a children’s hospital but then left after Cece was born to become a stay-at-home mom. But then decided to work at a multi-level marketing company. Shannan was said to be very good at what she did, she had a Facebook page where she would go live to talk about new products that people could purchase. On Facebook, she also just showed her life in general. The friends and family of Shannan and Chris would report that their relationship was very loving and that Chris was the ideal dad.


In May of 2018 Shannan Watts would find out that she was pregnant. She went on Facebook live to record Chris’s reaction to the pregnancy, it was said that Chris’s response was strange. Shannan, Bella, and Cece went on a six-week trip to visit family, neighbors, and friends it seemed like there was tension between Chris and Shannan. They reported hearing shouting and fighting the night before she left for six weeks. While Shannan was gone she noticed a change in Chris. 


While Shannan was gone Chris began having an affair with a coworker, Nicole Kessinger. Phone records show that Chris and Nicole began talking on the phone to each other more and more often. Nicole and Chris also began hanging out, and even went to a car museum together. 


On July 14, Chris tells Shannan that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with her and he doesn’t want the baby. Shannan did not want to separate and ruin their family so she requested marriage counseling, but Chris declined, Chris just wanted out of the relationship. 


July 31st, Chris flies out to North Carolina because he is going to pick up Shannan and the kids Shannan said that Chris was being extra quiet whenever they all returned home together and he was on his phone a lot. Shannan also finds out that she is having a baby boy, and named him Nikko. 


Shannan and her friend/ coworker Nicole (not mistress Nicole) flew out to Arizona for a work trip, where they spend about a week there. A really strange piece of evidence, in this case, was a weird photo Chris sent to Shannan while she was on her trip. It was a photo of one of their daughters lying in some sort of bag or under a blanket. It was said it might have been a warning sign. 


On August 13th Shannan and the good Nicole head home from their trip, and their flight is delayed so they arrive at home around 2:00 a.m. Around 5:30 a.m. it is caught on neighbor’s doorbell security cameras, Chris pulling the truck up to the garage, and then Chris loads things into his trunk, he makes three trips to the car. He is carrying what appears to be bags of some sort. 


Chris the next day calls Bella and Cece’s school and tells them that they would no longer be a part of that school. The next morning, Nicole, Shannan’s friend, called and texted her a bunch, with no answer, Nicole began to worry. Nicole also knew that Shannan had a doctor’s appointment that morning, she called the doctor’s office to see if she had gone to the appointment, and the doctors said she hadn’t shown up. 


Nicole called the police, then went to Watt’s house to find Chris alone at the house. The police showed up and Chris allowed them to search the house, they didn’t find much other than Shannan’s cellphone, which was questionable to Nicole who knew that Shannan didn’t go anywhere without her phone. Now there is police bodycam footage of the search, and friends and neighbors of Chris noted that Chris was acting very weird and different while talking to the police. 


Less than a couple of weeks later Chris confesses to killing his wife, 2 daughters, and their unborn son. Chris killed Shannan first at the house, then drove her body and the (still alive) girls to an oil site. He smothered Bella first, then Cece. He then emptied their bodies into huge oil tanks. 


Chris did all this just to start over, be able to start a new life without kids or his wife. So he could be with his mistress, Nicole. This story is incredibly heartbreaking and it this crazy case happened only 2 years ago.