The other side of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a role model for most aspiring scientists has ruined the perspective of him for Generation Z. We all know his best for the electric car, Tesla or SpaceX. With his net worth of about $185 billion he is one of the world’s richest men. He didn’t always start from the rich and powerful though, He was born in South Africa to his African father and canadian mother. From a young age he fell in love with circuit boards and rocket ships, by the age of 12 he made his very own video game and sold it to a computer magazine. In 1988 he fled Africa “because he was unwilling to support apartheid through compulsory military service” says Britannaica. 

He received his education from Queens University in Canada before transferring to the university of Pennsylvania where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics as well as physics. He made it into Stanford but left after 2 days claiming “the internet has much more potential to change society than physics does.” He then created “” which soon became Paypal and sold for 1.5 billion dollars. Soon after he became fascinated with the survival of humanity and strongly believed that if we wanted to survive we had to become a “multi planet species” henceforth the creation of The SpaceX, a form of technology that helps to create more affordable spacecraft. He hopes that soon his Falcon Spacecrafts will be able to carry 100,000 kg to future moon and mars bases. That being one of the reasons GenZ has had a loss of interest his only concern only seems to be the colonization of Mars and the moon and less about saving money and taking care of our environmental problems. He also “created” The Tesla, a fully electric car. He made several statements about Tesla being publicly traded and how he had security funding and took the company private. Not long after he was sued by the SEC for security fraud. He made multiple threats to the SEC which resulted in his stocks plummeting. Everyone thought of him as the guru of inventions but much hadn’t been uncovered. 

When he First started receiving a net worth he paraded around like he was better than everyone and started to receive a prissy reputation. When SpaceX was first starting up and getting into building employees would report verbal abuse taken from Elon nearly every week. He created Space X for all the wrong reasons and even his own heroes Neil Armstrong and Gene Sermon have said they don’t support his doing. Not only that when he first bought Tesla from the previous owner he acted as if it had always been his and even labeled himself “head engineer” yet he has only a bachelors in physics. Not to mention how he carefully circulates his money within himself keeping this internal loop that ultimately increases his worth.  He’s a smart businessman and the face of entrepreneurship but underneath he’s just another example of capitalism at its finest.