Love Story (Taylor’s version) song review

     One of Taylor Swift’s most popular albums Fearless, released in 2008, contained the song “Love Story” hitting top 100 in as little as two weeks. She originally wrote this song after her parents forbid her to see boyfriend ever again. She wrote the whole song in her diary in less than thirty minutes. Her song mimics the “Romeo and Juliet” situation she had been placed in. On February 12th, 2021 she re-released the song and made it “Taylors Version.” In just four days this new release reached over 10.21 million streams in the United States alone. Taylor has already announced that she plans on making even more remakes of her previous albums such as “Speak Now.” 


The difference between the two songs are small but they all make a big difference.  The number one difference is the instruments. In the original song it was her acoustic guitar with some bass but the newer version sheds lights of banjo, electric guitar, acoustic, bass and violin. It sounds as if they wouldn’t ever collide well together but the way she is able to orchestrate them is magical. Another subtle difference she made was throughout the song you can hear leaves rustling and birds chirping giving her own personal sweet nature tune to it. Her voice has also matured a ton in the past thirteen years. My person favorite change of the two songs is at the climax of the song she enters in with an abrasive electric guitar riff that will give chills. Taylors music voice and composure has changed and matured tremendously over the course of 13 years and I am personally very excited to see how she will improve her other past works.