Bacon Beer

Bacon Beer In 2020 (opinion)


Even though the United States is going through a heck of a lot, Waffle House and Georgia’s Oconee Brewing Company teamed up and decided to make a bacon flavored beer. This is just what we needed in 2020. It is something that has nothing to do with anything “bad” going on in 2020. It is its own thing that people could use, maybe not for its flavor but just to have something that doesn’t involve politics or anything to do with the virus. 


A bacon flavored beer may not sound good, may not be good, or maybe it can be. Afterall who cares? 2020 has too much happening that a bacon flavored beer could just set someone’s mind off of everything else that is going on. This beer is called Bacon and Kegs. They teamed up after the Brewing company and emailed one of the headquarters at the Waffle House which then emailed her back saying that he was willing to talk about it more.


The brewing company was the one who initiated the idea of the bacon flavored beer. They had the idea for Waffle House to have their own brand for beer. Once they agreed on meeting up, a couple of executives from the Waffle House were invited to the brewery to taste test some of their ideas. The first idea was red ale. They then added bacon extract which then made Bacon and Kegs. They decided to start selling this on December 18 at the Waffle House to get it going. 


This may not seem like a big deal and maybe it isn’t but it is something that doesn’t involve all the politics or natural disasters that are happening all around the world. It is its own thing and has its own pop to it for being bacon flavored.  This has never really happened before which makes it special in its own way. Bacon is something you would eat with your family in the morning and have a great time. But how would it feel to be able to drink it, at night and have a great time? 


Although 2020 is going through a lot, Bacon flavored beer is something on its own. Even though so much is going on, bacon flavored beer is something that doesn’t care what else is going on, it pops out and is standing on its own. 2020 could use more things like this. Things that could make people “happy” and not care at all about the rest of the world or what else is going on. If people would do this, things could honestly be better. There wouldn’t be as many problems because people would just continue doing what they’re doing and not care about the rest of the world.


2020 has been a heck of a ride so far and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. People could change things right now if they would stop criticizing other people for what they do or say about politics. Also if they would stop making problems seem worse than they already are. Be like bacon flavored beer and do your own thing without caring about all the bad things happening right now.