The fires in california are growing ever belligerent, and the efforts are most definitely struggling to contain the spread. It’s coverage is increasing very quickly, becoming a problem for not only North Americans anymore as smoke is beginning to pollute Canada as well. From the article, it reports that unorganized individuals have been setting their own small fires as well. Truly, that’s a despicable act, as they’re most likely doing it for looting purposes and personal gain? Whatever the reason, it’s only furthering the struggle against it.

These wildfires are deadly now, it’s killed at least 27 people already, so it really is just unacceptable that we fuel the flames like this, the political fields alike. Trump blames “Poor forest management,” and Biden calls him, “a climate arsonist,” their little quipping at each other is rather annoying, I am not a political subscriber really, but forest management? What is that even supposed to mean, how can you manage a forest? He proceeds to describe the fallen forest tree as dry and, “like a matchstick,” and blames the people responsible for forestry care, also for the leaves on the ground explaining that they can, “explode,” into flames. The incompetence in his presidential speech is really depressing for all of us.

In these heavily affected cities, the conditions have become unlivable, a major evacuation has taken place and places are deserted. Not to mention it’s all taking place during a pandemic. There really isn’t a set date for when the affected areas will become moderate enough for living standards again. But the way the fires are being handled, it isn’t expected anytime soon.

In the places that have already been burnt to the ground, the fires only enrage, major heat waves and dry winds are picking up and pushing the fires to new fronts. Fanning the flame to new areas, if it isn’t taken care of soon, it will keep pushing back and take over even more of the United States, an uncontrollable inferno when our effort could’ve stopped it as a spark.

The whole concept of the fire is really just enraging, a gender reveal? Which has already happened once? Are people really that stupid? They set off explosives, in the middle of a field, during California’s well infamous dry season, creating unpayable amounts in damage, to find out that it’s a boy! If just some people had the self awareness that the average citizen did, I really think the whole thing could have been avoided. We really should know not to repeat history, that’s why they say it’s there, and yet this is the second time a gender reveal has lit a devastating wildfire. 

Of course, officials are working hard to contain the blaze, however it is already a considerable amount larger than the last gender fire. A lot of people are already lost to the cause, the death tolls keep rising and the missing person count as well, it’s truly a sad trauma on the world. It’s unfair that people should have to suffer for a person’s carelessness. But it could’ve been anybody. In theory, any deranged arsonist could’ve set fire to the forest, it’s the matter of leaving it or doing everything they can to stop it while it’s small, I really wish people just paid that little amount of attention and prevented all the horrors that have been caused by this sad event.