Baby Panda

There is too much negative influence going on in the world right now, looking at the news pages today all I saw were headlines about Coronavirus, wildfires, political debate and scandal and I feel like we could use a small hiatus from it.

This week, the National Zoo’s baby giant panda reached it’s one month mark and had it’s first veterinary exam. The mother has been keeping close to the baby, feeding it and making sure of its needs and that it is taken care of without a second of neglect. Only recently had she left the cub on its own to allow for its exam. It was a very exciting thing for the zoo team to be able to finally do, as they were patiently waiting for the exact right moment.

The mother panda, Mei Xiang, would be very protective of her child as it weighed 952 grams, which is just over two pounds. Panda babies are amazingly small, also considering that this panda is of the giant panda genus as well, meaning that it will grow to be at around 230 pounds like its mother. 

The newborn baby panda looks similar to something like a lap dog as of recent, its signature black and white coat has yet to grow to the panda-like length that we recognize them by, however looking at its mother? I’m sure the baby will have a beautiful and very fluffy coat of fur by the end of the year.

At the exam, the Zoo was able to collect a sample of the baby’s DNA, so in a few weeks, it’s gender will be announced. Much cuter and calmer than the recent gender reveals, confidently, also less destructive. As of now though. The baby panda and its mother live a well taken care of life being loved and cared for at the National Zoo.

It really is a more hopeful thing as the panda population had a scare a year back and they were marked for near extinction. Thankfully, the wild populations have rebounded and are slowly rising back to their former numbers, some of the credit can definitely go to the Zoo’s efforts as well, donating funding to aid the cause and taking care of the existing specimens they have. 

We are lucky to not have lost such beautiful and adorable animals, the world might be a little darker if we lost the panda bears, but instead we gain more everyday. And that I think, is a nice little change of pace to the more polluted news headlines this week. Just a fluffy little panda baby and it’s loving mother exciting the crowds with new breakthroughs and exciting news. Best of luck to the new little panda and the mother, Mei Xiang the giant panda.