McDonald’s deforestation aid

McDonald’s is an American staple, it’s no surprise that it’s a big name with lots of wealth to its name. However, it is surprising how involved the company is getting with environmental issues. Several fast food businesses are getting involved now too, following in the footsteps of their ringleader. 

Deforestation is the issue on hand, the major companies are pushing them to tighten the rules and restriction of the act. It’s all in effort to protect the rainforests that are being thinned everyday.  The ministers in the UK are planning to pass laws to ban the use of produce from illegally deforested areas, the firms are arguing with the idea that illegally or legally, produce from deforested areas should not be used.

The chains are fighting that the government should not be able to say that as long as the murder of the rainforest is done under law its produce can be used. They are instead saying that it should be banned regardless of any laws or rules. Their aim is to give deforestation no ways of helping so it becomes useless and they have to stop. 

Some of the businesses wrote a letter on the topics of forest protection, they’re all household names that is really surprising to see involved in a topic like this, “The 21 signatories include including Unilever, Tesco, Lidl, Nando’s, Nestle, the convenience food maker Greencore and the chicken producer Pilgrim’s Pride.”

Currently the petition-like discussion is being limited to only accept medium to large businesses as the government officials in charge of the matter don’t want to give the smaller businesses the edge as there are many more of them than the other and they want to keep their conflict under control.

The UK Minister has since argued that it’s a losing battle trying to protect its environment as the product of foreign countries has already damaged the environment so a law passed for UK and is exclusively enforced in just the one country would in his sense of meaning that nothing to reverse the industrial damage they’re doing themselves to their own country.

The businesses rebuttal that it would cease operations in the more intense areas of deforestation and end the issue that has plagued our world for generations. All of these companies just share that one common goal of stopping deforestation in its tracks, and they are upset that the government is doing nothing to help, and they are hanging on to any chance they can to keep their forest-felling legal and their income.