Bigfoot? Loch Ness Monster? Vampires? Are they truths or myths? Technically, there’s no way we can prove any of these aren’t real. Especially aliens, somewhere somehow they exist, with infinite space there are infinite possibilities and chances for extraterrestrial life, we’ve already found it actually, just not in a way we’d want to recognize alien life. The “Salt Lover” of Mars, it’s a bacteria that is capable of reproduction, that’s our alien.

 It’s only a matter of time until we find an advanced life form from outer space. This is a topic that takes over many people’s lives, they are dedicated to proving any Visitors existence with captured proof. Whether it’s real or just paranoia run wild is speculation, it definitely depends on whether or not you want to believe it’s validity. Recently, there’s been an influx of UFO sightings on social media, they honestly look pretty legit, but there’s always the chance that it’s a blimp or a light show, just a mistake of human error, or even maybe a highly veteran photo shopper. Anything to combat the chance that it could be the real thing. I’ve personally seen some of the influx on my Tiktok feed, distorted and grainy android-quality fuzzy floating objects in the sky, half the time it’s been confirmed as a blimp or light show actually, but some of them haven’t been able to be debunked. 

It’s not a phenomenon caused by age either, this paranoia or sightings has gone all the way back to the cold war, of course it’d be the height of incidents though, what with Russia and the bombs and all, lots of sky traffic to watch for. 

Granted we have our fair share of crackheads and dreamers, but America is the   for sightings, our most famous of which being Roswell, New Mexico, I’m sure even if you don’t know about it, you’ve heard the name. It was reported that remnants of a flying disc crashed onto some poor ranchers property and the Army then got a hold of the site and the rest of the detail and facts are fuzzy, not much can be agreed upon. But Roswell is now the source of most UFO landings and alien related evidence.

There are hundreds upon thousands of reported patterns like these though, and of course some have been fabricated, it’s a hundred percent guaranteed that aliens exist somewhere, somehow, there’s too much proof for there not to be.