AOC: Among Us

Aoc has been playing video games as a campaigning strategy, and it’s working. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known as one of the second-youngest congresswomen ever elected. She has accomplished a lot in her one year of politics, a devoted advocate for equality, racial and gender. Her following has grown from her sharp political tweets. Many a times she has taken on high profile republican politicians to fight them on high profile issues.

She has currently been gaining favor among the younger crowds by teaming up with incredibly popular youtubers on a popular platform and playing a popular game. It shows us how down to earth she is, and a more charismatic side to the young politician, which has never really been seen in politics like this.

Ocasio has been partying in game with celebrities like Jacksepticeye, Corpse-husband, hot and trending streaming, and its working amazingly well for her. She’s showing herself like a normal human doing things that we do instead of an ironed and starched suit of a politician.

It really is refreshing to let down your hair like she is, even just to see her do it is calming in its own way. She’s having fun and letting loose with the boys playing an exciting and high stakes game, Among us.

Among us is a game where a team of crewmates has to complete various chores and tasks on their spaceship, all in efforts to beat the competing team called, “Imposters,” who have to secretly run around and murder the other team members before they can be ejected into space by way of the crewmembers majority vote.

Many, many, clips from their game sessions are flooding the internet and every social media platform dominated by youth. It might be one of the most successful campaigning strategies I’ve seen yet. It’s all fun and games and I feel like that’s definitely the way to go to get a majority of the new youth voters on her side, even most of the young adult voters as well.

I hope she doesn’t stop there, expanding her twitch platform to more popular games and keeping up with the trends is certain to have massive impacts on her political standing, all positive. This fun won’t impact the older groups or sway them another way, but it can only help with the other demographics. Personally, I look forward to future games with her in their gaming parties.