Lately, Birds have been on my news timelines, surprisingly enough that I’m learning actually interesting things about them. Did you know ravens can talk? Crows can remember every face they see. Hummingbirds weigh less than a nickel.


The Kākāpō, deemed the world’s fattest parrot, has won New Zealand’s Bird of the Year Award for 2020 for the second time. This near extinct type of bird is rather intriguing. It can’t even fly, maybe that’s why it’s almost extinct, there’s a lot of ground predators in New Zealand after all. It’s known as the “might moss chicken” and it’s only known to still survive on predator-less islands. 


The Kākāpō was almost beat out by the Albatross in the competition, but the votes came through, and no one was upset about the results, However, unless you were the person who committed voter fraud. The smallest of the kiwi species, the kiwi pukupuku, was voted for 1,500 times in one night, and from the same IP address. Interesting that someone felt the need to scam New Zealand’s Bird of the Year Awards. It’s funny that that’s one of the islands most pressing concerns, voter fraud for their bird saving contest.


Another of my headlines, “Belgian racing pigeon fetches record price of $1.9 million.” Some anonymous avid bird racing fan bid two million dollars on New Kim, the racing pigeon, at an auction for racing birds. This sport apparently has been around for a long time, once meant for the poor man’s entertainment, now to entertain the rich and wealthy. The breeding of these bird’s is serious business. In some cases, a family tradition passed down from the year it all began. The amount of money going into these birds is astounding, more than I might see in my lifetime. 


The owner of this new and expensive bird says, the price was nothing compared to what he’s going to make off the bird. I guess I didn’t realize how popular and how lucrative pigeon racing was in other cultures and tax brackets. No one before has ever spent as much money on a racing bird before as this wealthy Chinese man did, it’s literally record breaking. Hope that guy and New Kim win their next race.