The Covid-19 vaccine race

Pfizer released a statement earlier this week saying that they believe that their coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective. This would put this vaccine’s effectiveness up there with childhood vaccines such as measles.


The vaccine is reportedly under the late phase of development and Pfizer is confident that their vaccine will perform well as they are going to the Food and Drugs Administration for an emergency authorization later this month.


Pfizer’s product is a 2 dose vaccine that could have a potential issue. The vaccine will be produced in Kalamazoo, Michigan and must be transported in their own manufactured thermal containers. The reason for this being that the vaccine has to maintain a temperature of 94 degrees below fahrenheit.


With Pfizer’s announcement, the race for a vaccine has begun with multiple companies releasing information on vaccine progress. Up until recently, Pfizer’s product was the front runner for the mass production of the vaccine, protecting 90% of users. There has been a recent update however, a biotechnology company based in Cambridge named Moderna has reportedly made their own vaccine that protects 94.5% of users.


Moderna’s version of the vaccine, named mRNA-1273, was tested on 95 volunteers with confirmed Covid-19 diagnoses.  The cost of this vaccine is said to be between 32-37 dollars per dose. Moderna has reported that they can produce as many as 500 million doses a year. Moderna’s only battle at the moment is that their product has yet to be approved by the FDA.


It could be awhile before we get back to normalcy, but it may be sooner than we think with drug companies racing to produce their own vaccine. Regardless of which company finds the cure to Corona it is safe to say that progress is being made to rid the country of the pandemic.