Packers Trade Deadline Dissapointments

Nearing the end of the trade deadline the Greenbay Packers were talking to the Houston Texans about trading for wide receiver Will Fuller. This addition to the Packers would have been a solid move for the team who needs receiver help in order for them to become a superbowl contending team.


However, the Packers did not go through with the trade. Not trading for a receiver before the deadline is one of the most stupid moves the Packers have made in a long time, other than drafting a quarterback to backup Aaron Rogers in the FIRST ROUND, but this is definitely a close second. 


Not finding Rogers and Adams help is just an absolute slap in the face to both of these superstars. The Packers simply cannot get away with relying on Rogers excellence forever. It is just simply too much to ask Rogers to just work with what he has and not find the man some help so he can win another championship before he retires.


This is not a surprise though. The Greenbay Packers have never been a short-term team who is just focused on being good for that year or the next, they like to look towards the future. This usually works out as the team is almost always in the playoffs and generally have successful seasons.


That simply is not enough for Packer fans. The Green Bay community is tired of being one step away from winning the championship, with just one more piece to the puzzle the Packers could seriously go on and win the superbowl. The reason that this team never pulls the trigger is because they lack a critical need for a successful team, an owner. Yes, no owner allows for the community and shareholders as a whole to keep the team from going downhill but it also causes disagreements and no one can make a final decision.


If the Packers ever get an owner or the front office can ever get on the same page and make moves besides draft picks, then the program will be in a lot better shape. If we are looking to the future, then Jordan Love better be worth the pick because Aaron Rogers has this team on his back and right now at 6-2 they still have a shot but at the end of they need to make moves and help Rogers.