Arkansas vs Ole Miss

Last Saturday college football was in full swing, Arkansas was going into a tough match up with an efficient and confident Ole Miss team, a team that had just gone toe with Alabama scoring 48 points on the Crimson Tide defense. However that shootout of a game did not phase the Razorbacks.


Despite the rebels’ quarterback Matt Corral being a top 5 quarterback in passer efficiency rating, completion percentage, yards per attempt, and yards per game, Corral struggled against the new lock down defense of the hogs. The rebels allowed 7 turnovers, 3 in the first half leading to a 20 point deficit by half time.


The rebels high powered offense cut the lead to 26-21, but all of that was soon thrown away. The Razorbacks sealed the game when with less than 3 minutes left ,they picked Corral off to take it to the house with a pick six, essentially ending the game and coming away with an upset win over Ole Miss.


Arkansas also performed efficiently on offense. Rakeem Boyd had a touchdown run, Filpe Franks threw a touchdown to Treylon Burks, and 2 field goals were made against the Rebels. The real highlight play was the one handed toe tap grab from Burks in the endzone that could be argued for catch of the year.


As far as the future of Ole Miss’s program, Arkansas did great at exposing the Rebels high powered offense, showing several holes and ways to fluster Corral. This essentially gives other teams a sort of blueprint on how to stop the Rebels and convert on offense.


This win was a big deal for the razorbacks, it showed promise for the programs future, with the offense putting up points on a solid defense, the defense had an absolutely monster game, and freshmen defensive back Hudson Clark put everyone on notice with 3 interceptions which at the time led the ncaa in interceptions. So if the Razorbacks can take anything away from this win, it’s that the Hogs could have future star players that could greatly contribute to the team in the near future.