Lakers Win The NBA Finals

For the 17th time in history, the Los Angeles Lakers have won the NBA finals. The LeBron James led team defeated the Jimmy Butler led Miami Heat with a 4-2 series win. 


Throughout the finals, questions of if LeBron could win a championship at the age of 35 have been asked, questions of if Anthony Davis was truly the superstar needed to secure the chip, and questions of if Jimmy Butler was the man that would take down the 1 seeded Lakers for the upset were all asked, and answered.


Butler did everything he possibly could. He left his all on the floor in every game he played, one game a 40 point triple double, and tried his best to carry the Heat on his back and take down the powerhouse of the Lakers. However despite his efforts, the Lakers size, strength, speed, talent, skill, and overall athleticism finally caught up to the Heat and they just overwhelmed them.


LeBron James not only wins his 4th NBA title, but also wins his 4th finals MVP award. He is also the first person to do this with 3 different teams, showing that wherever he goes, he wins. Before the Lakers finals win, people doubted LeBron James, saying he is washed, getting carried, and that he isn’t what he used to be. LeBrons 4th ring and 4th MVP trophy silenced everyone.


As far as his legacy, he now has 4 rings, 4 finals mvp awards, 2nd all time playoff assists, 1st all time playoff points, most all-NBA first team selections with 13 appearances, most all star game selections with 16, 4 NBA MVP selections, 3rd most career points, rookie of the year, and assists leader for the 19-20 nba season.


This year has been huge for LeBron, moving up in the ranks with the greats, solidifying his spot in the goat conversation, and adding another championship for the king. But it isn’t just about Leron, well not completely.  Lakers owner Jeanie Buss becomes the first female controlling owner to win a championship, Rajon Rondo becomes the 2nd player to win a title with the celtics and the lakers, Anthony Davis wins his first ring, and possibly the most important aspect of the Lakers winning, they honored the late Kobe Bryant by winning another championship for him and the Lakers.