Hurricane Eta

It started off as a tropical storm in the middle of Nicaragua and has made its way all the way up through Cuba and is headed towards Florida. As of now it is a category  hurricane and seems to be getting bigger and the winds are getting stronger with 60 mph going up to 150 mph. As it reaches Florida they say it should weaken and turn into a tropical storm once again. 


Even though Florida wasn’t going to get much of the hurricane they were still going to get floods of 14 inches and more. While the hurricane was still in Nicaragua, it had killed 3 people including a 12 year old girl. Due to how much this has already caused and a different hurricane in the Eastern Carribean Sea, if they meet each other, it could cause a Tropical Depression. It would be called Iota and would be the 30th named storm of the year. 


While it had killed 38 people it is still life threatening. This storm had pulled roofs off of houses, took down trees and power lines causing floods in Puerto Cabezas, one of the poorest regions in the city of Nicaragua. Residents were telling the news how afraid they were because of the damage done, wondering when they could sleep again and get food for their family, if they were still with them. This storm was 21 feet above a normal tide and delivered more than 3 feet of rain. 


Around half a million children among 1.2 million people were most likely affected by this hurricane as other people were storing medical supplies in a safe place for when it was over with, the affected people were helped as they needed it. The people that were given help thanked everyone who helped them for all they had done for them, their families, and their town. 


Honduras is no longer under a hurricane warning but remains as a tropical storm warning. Since 1998, Nicaragua has never had a hurricane so bad which the hurricane in 1998 had killed more than 10,000 people. As for this hurricane, it did not kill as many, as we know of. It has passed through many places and done tons of damage to only have killed 38 people and separated only a few families. 


As a tropical storm, it is headed north-northeast of Tampa by 9 pm. As a total amount of rainfall, Florida could reach up to 20 inches of water. If it gets any worse, there could be an additional 5 inches of rain. This would be breaking the record so far with the hurricanes this year. A man who has seen the hurricanes there since 1975 says that it was heavy rain compared to the other hurricanes. They say this should be the worst hurricane this year, or at least hoping. As a final count, 116 people are missing, 38 dead, and 60,000 evacuated from their homes.