Holly Courier, a 38 year old woman rescued in Utah’s Zion National Park. After 2 weeks of being missing, she was very dehydrated and had lost 15 pounds, her potassium levels were very low, her kidneys were showing signs of shutting down. She was seen last October 6 leaving a shuttle van that leads to several trails. 


Her family says that she is an experienced hiker and could last days in nature, which she has done before. Holy had told her sister that she was going to spend a day or two out there in nature. What was different about her hike this time, was that she had hit her head and became disoriented. Once she hit her head she wasn’t able to do anything even if she had tried. 


As an experienced hiker, Holly had a sharpie with her and would mark on a tree how many days would pass by while she was out there. She wasn’t really able to do anything because of the lack of her resources such as food and water and because of that, she didn’t have any energy to do anything. Even though there was a river nearby, Holly knew she couldn’t drink out of it because of how dangerous it would be for her. 


Holly was found in very bad shape and so dehydrated that she couldn’t even open her mouth. After being found, food was slowly being added to Hollys’ new diet because of what had happened. 


Holly was found by some visitors traveling through, who had seen her hammock which then alerted authorities. Her hammock is what caused it to happen, it had fallen with her on it and she hit her head on the tree it was tied to which caused her to have a big bump on the back of her head. The visitors who saw her hammock was a young boy and his mother, thanks to these people Holy was found. 


They found Holly on a Sunday after receiving an alert. Although, before that many people had already gone out on a search for her. The rescue teams and authorities had found Holly surrounded by a thick vegetated area along the Virgin River. As she had been found, Holly’s family was giving thanks to everyone who had washed clothes and brought food. 


Her sister calls a miracle and says there is no reason she should be alive but God was with her because she survived without the proper gear or food and water. The investigation is still going on because things aren’t quite adding up. Some people have said that she wasn’t hidden out in the “back” that she was in a part where thousands of people go and were possibly yelling for her. They have also said that while investigating family, they have said that she drank water out of the river with deadly toxins but others say her lips were so dry she couldn’t open it… So what’s the truth?