Alex Smith Returns After 2 Years/ Dak Prescott Injured 

Washington quarterback Alex Smith re-entered his first football game on Sunday after an injury for almost 2 years. He went through 17 surgeries and was injured going against Houston Texas. He suffered a spiral and a compound fracture in his right tibia and fibula. As for Dak Prescott, he was injured on Saturday’s game playing against the New York Giants. According to his team, it’s a wounded fracture. 


The news says that just an ankle fracture could take up half a year to recover, while Dak Prescott has a compound fracture. This means season-ending for Dak Prescott. Doctors have said that his surgery went very well, now it’s time to heal. They have said that his compound fracture should take 4-6 months to heal. The con to this, is he may be out of contract at the end of the season. 


If this fracture were to not happen, he would’ve had a massive paycheck at the end of the season either by the Dallas Cowboys or from the highest bidder in the league. Because of the injury, it is less likely for them to bid so high on him or at all. Dak Prescott in 2016 was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the year, which made him very popular in the league, this led to tributes flooding him as he was carted off the field. 


Before the season had started, Dak Prescott had spoken out to people telling them about his struggle with depression. He talked about the importance of talking to your loved ones after the death of his brother earlier in the year. The Giants supported him when he was carted off the field by going by the Cowboys and kneeling beside them. As for him in the hospital, people are on twitter, instagram and more social media supporting him and letting him know that he wasn’t alone in this. 


As for Alex Smith, he underwent 17 surgeries since 2018. He was injured playing against the Houston Texans which caused a spiral and compound fracture in his tibia and fibula. The injury was so serious and his body had a life-threatening reaction to the infection and they were thinking about amputating his leg because of how bad it was. His recovery was documented in “project 11” that was aired on ESPN for an hour long. 


Alex Smith is a private person but wanted to document his recovery to help future football players and to give people hope that they can get through anything. As for his game on Sunday, he rocked it for his first game coming back, he completed 9 of 17 passes for 37 yards, he was only sacked 6 times in a 30-10 losing game against the Rams.