Another Hurricane

More and more disasters keep happening in 2020. It has caused a lot of pain for different  people, in different ways. Some people have changed for the better and some, not really. Some people have helped themselves and took this time throughout everything to become a better person and better their health and even help others to do this too. But for other people it didn’t go that way, they have made these disasters seem like something worse than it is, causing a lot of other people to believe that too, which can cause more “disasters” to happen. 


Our society has grown to believe everything they believe on social media. This in some ways can be good, and some not so much. It can be helpful to get information that you really need but by researching more than what is on the screen. To look at more than one resource. It can be bad because social media shows everything, most of it can be lies and cause disaster in oneself. It can cause a healthy person to go bad. 


As you are reading this, I want you to ask yourself, “Do I want to help others and become a better person than I already am. Or am I someone who only cares about myself and no one else around me?” Once you reflect on that, either change yourself and become a better person or stay the same. But in order to do that, you have to realize everything that is going on around you other than just the simple things and face the reality of the world.


Helping others can help the world around you and make it a better place. In this time of the year, when a lot of things are happening (nothing really good), we need good people to make it seem like it is a better place than what we think. We need good things to happen, all we have had in 2020 are bad things happening. Hurricanes, burning down buildings, natural disasters, wildfires, NFL players hurt, virus cases spiking, the election. All of these things have caused the world to seem like a bad place, not even the world, this is all mostly from the United States. 


The United States needs to get their act together and show unity instead of being apart and so separate from each other in every little detail. People have been arguing about masks, families getting together for the holidays, going to school, going to work, and little things that shouldn’t even matter. As long as I have lived, we have never been as separate as people as we are this year in 2020. 


2020 has been the most complicated year in a really long time. If we as people can not come together as a whole, things will probably get worse.