Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M was another one of the great games played this year in college football. The Aggies defeated the Razorbacks 42-31 in what was an offense heavy game.

Felipe Franks and Kellen Mond both had great games. Kellen Mond put up an impressive 260 yards and 3 touchdowns on 21 for 26 passing against this great Arkansas defense. Felipe Franks had close to the same, having 239 yards with 3 touchdowns on 23 for 31 passing. 

Both running backs made a great impact on the game as well. Isaiah Spiller had 21 carries for 82 yards and a touchdown. Rakeem Boyd had 18 carries for 100 yards and a touchdown as well. Finally having the breakout game that Razorback fans were hoping for this season. 

Also Treylon Burks had yet another great game for the Razorbacks. Burks only had 7 receptions but those 7 catches turned into 117 yards and 2 touchdowns. Burks has been proven to be Frank’s favorite target and nothing changed this game. However Franks and Burks were matched by Mond and Wydermyer. Wydermyer had 6 receptions and 2 touchdowns on 92 yards. 

Neither team had any turnovers which is surprising considering how great this Razorback defense has been playing all year. Also both teams combined for an astounding 903 yards in this game.

The first quarter started with a Razorbacks touchdown from Felipe Franks to Treylon Burks putting the Razorbacks up 7-0. However the Aggies responded on a 35 yard touchdown pass from Kellen Mond to Ainias Smith to tie the game up. On the Aggies next possession they scored again. Smith scored again this time with a 15 yard run which put the Aggies up 14-7 to close out the first quarter.

The Aggies had the first score of the second quarter as Wydermyer caught his first touchdown from Kellen Mond to push the lead to 21-7. The Razorback responded on their next possession as Tyson Morris caught a 1 yard pass from Felipe Franks to cut the lead to 7. The last score of the first half came from Isaiah Spiller as he ran the ball in from 6 yards out to push the lead back to 14.

To start the second half the Razorbacks scored on their first possession with an A.J. Reed field goal to make the game 28-17. The Aggies scored right after that as Wydermyer caught his second touchdown of the game to make the lead 35-17. Then to close out the third quarter Devon Achane had a 30 yard touchdown run to push the lead to 42-17. Making a comeback look almost impossible at this point.

To start the fourth quarter the Razorbacks started to rally their comeback scoring quickly as Treylon Burks scored his second touchdown to make the game 42-24. Then the game came to a bit of a stalemate as neither team scored for 13 minutes. However on the last possession of the game the Razorbacks scored yet another touchdown with only 36 seconds left in the game to make the final score of the game 42-31 stopping the comeback short.

The close win by the Aggies kept them amongst the top ten in the country pushing them to 4-1 on the season as the Razorbacks dropped yet another very important game. The Razorbacks are now 2-3 and they look to face Tennessee in Fayetteville next Saturday which should be a win for this Razorback team looking to bounce back from this loss.