Arkansas vs. Auburn

Arkansas vs. Auburn will be a game to remember in the eyes of all SEC fans and maybe college football fans around the country. 

Arkansas vs. Auburn turned out to be a better game than most of the college football world anticipated. Arkansas coming into the game was 1-1 and snapped their SEC losing streak. Auburn coming into the game was number 13 in the AP rankings and wasn’t expecting as much of a challenge from Arkansas as they got.

Arkansas had a rough start with their special teams and that lasted throughout the game. Auburn had their first score by blocking an Arkansas punt in the endzone. Then the Tigers tacked on a field goal to push the lead from 10-0. 

Bo Nix then started off the second quarter by splitting the Razorbacks defense apart for a 15 yard touchdown run. This was starting to look like a typical blowout that was expected from this game. 

However, on the Razorbacks possession after the Tigers score, the Razorbacks came back and Felipe Franks threw his first touchdown of the game to Mike Woods from 4 yards out. The PAT was failed and Arkansas was down 17-6.

Then Arkansas started to rally as they scored again as Felipe Franks threw a 7 yard touchdown to De’Vion Warren. Yet again, the two point conversion was failed so Arkansas was down 17-12. Then to close out the first half the Tigers drove down the field in enough time to get a field goal and push the score back to 20-12.

Then the first score of the second half came from the Razorbacks. Felipe Franks threw for his third touchdown to Trelon Smith which was his third different receiver to catch a touchdown during the game. Unsurprisingly, Arkansas failed another two point conversion so the score was 20-18 still in favor of the Tigers.

The fourth quarter started with a Bo Nix touchdown to Anthony Schwartz to push the lead to 27-18. The Razorbacks answered back quickly with a field goal to make it a one possession game and the score was 27-21. 

Then things started to get interesting as the Razorbacks got a crucial stop and then Felipe Franks threw for his fourth touchdown. This time the Razorbacks completed the PAT and then Arkansas took the lead 28-27. 

The controversy happens on Auburn’s last possession of the game. The Tigers pushed down the field in impressive fashion and all they needed was a field goal to win the game. As time is running out quarterback Bo Nix goes to spike the ball to stop the clock which is completely normal in football games. As Nix goes to take the ball from under center he drops the ball then proceeds to throw the ball backwards. 

For those who don’t know a ball thrown backwards behind the line of scrimmage is categorized as a fumble therefore the play should have continued. The officials stopped the play and then allowed a ten second run off. Which left enough time for the Tigers to kick the game winning field goal. 

The play should have continued as the Razorbacks were actively going for the ball and the possession should have not stopped. In this case Arkansas would have gotten the ball and the game would have been over. 

The SEC had to come out and make the statement that the officials were wrong for blowing the whistles and the call was wrong. It should have been a fumble and everyone in America who knows anything about football knew that the Razorbacks got cheated out of a crucial win that could have put them in the AP top 25. 

Arkansas will be back at home this week as they take on Ole Miss and that high powered offense which will test the Razorbacks defense that has been one of the best in the SEC up to this point.