The Bye Bye Man

Movie Review

The 2017 horror film, The Bye Bye Man, is a suspenseful movie that leaves you in fear and delight. The movie is based on a demon man who mentally harasses you and eventually drives you crazy, before killing you. I will be giving a summary of this amazing movie.

The movie begins in the 1900’s, showing a man running through neighborhood with a gun. He is following these women into their house and yelling, “Who did you tell?”. He ends up shooting many people in the neighborhood, before killing himself by ingesting cleaning solution. Before he drinks the cleaning solution we get a glimpse of the “Bye Bye Man”, who is a tall pale man in a black cloak, he has huge scars all over his face. This man also has a demon dog that comes with him.

A quick thing of information about the Bye Bye Man, the way you will know that he is coming is first you will hear his hellhound barking, then you will hear a train coming. If you hear that in the movie thats when  you know he is coming for you. 

Fast forward +50 years and there are 3 young adults moving into a new house. 2 of the people are dating, and one is a friend of them both. Automatically they notice that weird things keep happening in the house, like the sound of a coin dropping. They find a dresser, which inside says “The Bye Bye Man” A couple nights after moving in they throw a party. During this party they ask a friend of theres to try to see if she can sense any spirits in the house. While they are all sitting around the table she immediately tells them that she doesn’t wanna do it any longer, but she keeps going for them. A few minutes later she starts chanting “Don’t think it, don’t say it.” over and over again. She then gets possessed and falls on the floor.

Over the next couple weeks the main person, Elliot keeps seeing things. He goes to the library and researches this name they nobody is supposed to think or say. He finds a piece of paper with his(the demons) name on it and starts scribbling it out. Everytime he looks up he sees the Bye Bye Man get closer and closer to him. 

Elliot keeps having visions of his girlfriend and his best friend are doing things, which isn’t true The Bye Bye Man is just making him see things. Elliot goes to pick up the girl who was possessed earlier to take to their house to try to get rid of the demon in their house. On the way to the house The Bye Bye Man makes the girl see a family on a train track, and a train is coming that way. She then gets out running in front of the train to save them, but ends up getting hit by the train and dying.

Towards the end of the movie Elliot runs home and finds his friend beating his girlfriend up so he starts beating the guy up, and eventually shoots his girlfriend on accident. His friend is left with severe head trauma from getting hit with a bat multiple times in the head. Elliot gets chased by The Bye Bye Man and eventually shoots himself in the head right before the demon can get to him.

The movie ends as Elliot’s uncle and niece at the house, confused on what happened, and then the little girl finds the nightstand with the mans name in it. This little girl now knows the name and the cycle will all start again.