October 31, 2020

My Opinion on Halloween 2020

Halloween is a worldwide holiday that is celebrated by collecting candy and dressing up in fun costumes. For some people, like myself, it  is one of the best times of the year. But since Corona hit and the cases are spiking some pander if we should even celebrate Halloween 2020 like usual.

Covid19 is dangerous and precautions should be taken surrounding it. Nevertheless, I believe that we should still celebrate and do normal festivities such as trick or treating. 

First, I mention that schools have opened back up, and the students are around each other all day long, every day, So what would be the harm in letting kids trick or treat? Going to school with hundreds of other students is far more dangerous than walking house to house and collecting candy. And I do recognize that school is more important than candy collecting, but Halloween means a lot to some people.

People are around each other all the time, so what would cancel Halloween do? If the government doesn’t allow it what is the difference from all the teenagers who hang out after school? Or the adults who meet up after work? Humans always have interaction with one another so trying to stop it is inevitable. Cancelling Halloween is just gonna frustrate people and want them to rebel. 

A precaution I would take to letting your kids trick or treat is to wear masks. Masks are important and will protect them from any strangers they may encounter or in areas where they cannot socially distance.

Halloween should be enjoyed at people’s risks, if they want to take their kids trick or treating, to a haunted house, or anything of this nature they should be able to. If certain people don’t feel comfortable with it, then they shouldn’t do it. Whatever you choose to do is your risk. No one should be telling you what you can and can’t do. 

Nothing has changed about these people’s lives and we just need to try to make everything as normal as possible, while also being safe. 

All this being said, I strongly believe that people should be able to celebrate Halloween this year, just for the sake of some normality in these times.