Abortion is Murder

Committing homicide will give you a lifetime in prison, or even capital punishment, but killing your baby through abortion is tolerable? Babies are beautiful gifts, that bring so much joy into so many lives, but people believe it is okay to take life from them.

When two people decide to have intercourse they should know that there are always risks of getting pregnant. If they do happen to get pregnant they have to go through the consequences of it. Whenever a woman decides to get an abortion she is getting the easy way out, trying to act like it never happened, instead of being responsible for her actions.

Whenever you have an abortion you are taking an innocent life. The life of someone who never even got the chance to live. And they do it because they see the baby as just a clump of cells but that is life. If you abort a child, you are a murderer.

If you get pregnant there are other ways out, like giving the baby up for adoption if you are unable to care for your child. 1 in 8 couples are unable to conceive a child of their own, and 6.7 million people each year struggle with infertility.

Approximately 2 million couples are looking to adopt each year, meaning that any of these couples would gladly adopt your child. So many people would want to love your baby if you can’t. There are other ways then abortion.

Many pregnancy centers will help you every step of the way while being pregnant, like Loving Choices. They give you free ultrasounds, counseling, diapers, and other supplies you need once the baby is born, and more!

I recommend anyone that is thinking of having an abortion should get an ultrasound done before, maybe it will change her mind and save her baby’s life. While getting an ultrasound done you will be able to see your baby.

It breaks my heart to think of innocent lives being taken every day just because their mother doesn’t want to have the responsibility of caring for them or they feel that they can’t properly care for the baby. Those are innocent lives being taken, they never got a say or even a chance at life.

I believe that abortion should be illegal everywhere and never be used as a way out of pregnancy again. We should stand up for the lives of these babies who can’t stand up for themselves.