My Opinion on school During the Pandemic

Covid 19 and School

The school canceled early March last year due to Corona, and the majority of people were excited to get out of school and get a couple of weeks out of school, but little did they know Corona would still be affecting school nearly eight months later.

We realized that Covid19 would still be around by the start of school so the school board had to make decisions on what they would do. Do we need to re-open school as normal? Keep school virtual? Half the week virtual, half in person?

Prairie Grove decided to do 5 days a week in-person schooling or all virtual if you or your parents didn’t feel comfortable with sending you. Now some schools in larger cities are forced to do online because there are simply too many people that go to those schools. Which gives more opportunity for the spread of Corona.

The effects of going to in-person school are that you are required to wear a mask throughout the entire day and also try your hardest to socially distance.

Many people have very different opinions on school during Covid. Some believe that it is unsafe to go during a pandemic. While some people think we need to try to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle.

I believe that what the school chose to do was a good decision because we do need to try to get back to normal school. And if we did online many students wouldn’t be able to understand what is taught and do the work as easily as students in school.

Now am I totally against doing 2 days a week virtual, and 3 days in-person? Absolutely not. I feel like that helps us ease back into school and also make the environment safer during this pandemic. It would be fun, in my opinion, to do that way of things.

My second point is that maybe the rules should be adjusted when it comes to masks. Maybe we can take off our masks every class period once we get to our socially distanced desk/area. But have to wear masks in the hall and on the way to our desks.

Masks can be really uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time so this method could eliminate that problem for students.

Overall I think school during the pandemic is going pretty smoothly so far, and that we should continue in-person.