California is Burning to the Ground

California has had its share of wildfires, all the way back to the 1900’s to now, 2020. California has a very dry hot climate, which is the perfect condition for fires to start. Whenever these small fires start they can spread for thousands of acres, killing tons, and destroying land and the habitats of animals that are living there. How do we prevent these fires? And how do we stop these wildfires once they start?

An example of a fire that has happened in the past, is The Hanly Fire, which occurred on September 19, 1964. This happened when a hunter through his cigarette down and dry brush caught on fire and ended burning more than 53,000 acres and 84 houses, 24 summer cabins, countless farms that were near the same areas.

Another wildfire that occurred in California was the Jones Fire, which began outside of Jones Valley. It happened before daybreak on October 16, 1999. It burned more than 26,000 acres and 954 structures. A woman was killed by being hit by a firetruck that was coming to put out the fires. It took the fire-fighters 3 days to contain the fire. The start of the fire is still undetermined.

From both of those examples, you can see that they both happened in the September and October months, which is probably when California is probably in one of its driest seasons which allows the fire to be able to destroy so much.

One week ago, September 8, 2020, a baby shower was held, and they shot off a rocket to determine their unborn baby’s gender at their party, but things took a turn and they ended up catching all California on fire. Almost 10,000 acres have been burned down at this time, 20 lives have been lost, and over 5,000 buildings have been destroyed.

Now, of course, this baby shower isn’t the only reason for this recent wildfire outbreak. Climate change also has something to do with this outbreak, California has been having temperatures as high as 120.2 degrees, giving perfect conditions for this to happen.

Overall, these fires of 2020 with hopefully slow down and no more lives will be lost. And no more wildfire outbreaks will occur in California anytime soon after this.